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Acts 8: Scattered to Serve - June 28, 2020

Welcome to this week's sermon. We've been able to meet outside every Sunday recently, and it's been great to look at the early church and learn lessons from the people who first preached of a resurrected Christ. Three of the things we focused on while looking at the eighth chapter are: God uses and works in all circumstances The Holy Spirit provides Always be ready for God to move Watch how the Holy Spirit moves Philip in this chapter, how Philip responds and the results that follow. God moves through Philip during  his journey, not just at the end destination point. As a church, we need to be ready to be a part of the movements of God as they happen, and be available to the proddings of the Holy Spirit.   Want to get a hold of us? Email us by clicking here.

Acts 7: Mirror Image - June 21, 2020

This week, Pastor Jeff was preaching in Benson at First Baptist Church, and Jason Haug was filling the pulpit in Blomkest. Both were preaching out of Acts chapter seven. We're going to upload the video of Jeff's message in Benson, as well as the audio from Jason's message (coming soon). Blomkest has been meeting outside when possible this summer, due to COVID19 concerns. We appreciate everyone's patience and involvement during this time.  Acts 7 focuses on Stephen's response to the allegations manufactured towards him in Acts 6. Stephen uses his words to point out the history of God's people and how the religious leadership keep missing the message (and messengers) that God is sending them.  To follow along in Acts 7, click here . If you have any prayer requests or would like more information about our church, please click here and send us an email. Things we can focus on in this chapter: Our tendency to wander God's patience, grace a

Acts 6: Taught Ones - June 14, 2020

What's our witness? In Acts 6, Stephen is introduced to us as a man filled with the Holy Spirit. We see him first brought into the scene as a man who will lead in serving the needs of people with food distribution, but he's also preaching. Here's what we see in this chapter: Intentionality. Unity. A submission to the Holy Spirit. Here's some questions to ask ourselves as we study: Who are we being taught by -- The world, or Jesus? Who are we teaching? What's our witness to the world? If you need to reach us at the church, email us by clicking here .

Acts 5: Listening and Responding - June 7, 2020

Greetings! We had our first service back on site since the COVID outbreak. We hosted it outdoors, and we'll plan on doing that for the June 14th service and as many summer services as we can. There are three things we focused on while looking at this chapter: Who's speaking to us? Who are we listening to? How are we responding We'll post more resources on this sermon link later, but for now, enjoy the message.