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First Week of Advent: Anticipation - November 29, 2020

The season of Advent is a season of anticipating an arrival. For the prophet Jeremiah, it was a season of warning God's people of God's holiness (and their need to repent) and reminding God's people of a coming savior. We're also in a season of Advent right now. We eagerly anticipate a returning Jesus as we celebrate this season. Here's three things to notice as we look at today's scripture in this season: 1. God speaks to his people. 2. God warns his people because he loves his people. 3, God blesses and restores his people because he loves his people. Jesus is the proof of God's love for us. To follow along with our text, click here . To email us with a prayer request or any other need, click here . We're currently only doing online services at Blomkest Baptist via Zoom. If you want to receive the Zoom link for each Sunday's service, just send us an email, and we'll gladly include you in our weekly emails to join us.

Acts 28: The Heart Of It All - November 22, 2020

We made it. We're wrapping up our series in Acts with a message from Acts 28 this week. The focal point of this message is going to center around Paul appealing to people to turn towards God to be healed. The central warning in the message is to not grow complacent, or calloused, just hearing the message of grace without receiving and living the message of grace. May we all turn towards Jesus and truly hear him today.  COVID Update: We're most likely to be going online for the rest of this year for our Sunday services. We'll be posting the weekly messages here, but we're also going to try to do a Zoom service on Sunday mornings at 10:30AM. If you want to be a part of those, click here and email us, and we'll add you to the list . To follow along with this week's text, click here , otherwise, it's in the video below. Next week, we'll start our Advent series. We'll be posting an update on our COVID tab of this website about if we're officially movi

Acts 27: Desperate - November 15, 2020

Desperate times call for... Jesus.  Most of you reading this probably haven't been tossed around at sea for two weeks and then shipwrecked. If you have, then you can probably identify easier with Acts 27 instead of just picturing it like the rest of us.  We can often spot other people when they're in distress and desperate, but sometimes the church struggles to share when we need the very help and hope we profess to need. Take some time this week to explore areas where you may need to be more desperate for Jesus to be Lord of your life.  We all need saving.  To follow along with this week's text, click here .  To email us, click here.

Acts 26: Connecting and Completing - November 8, 2020

 This week we're in Acts 26, seeing Paul give his testimony (again) while on trial (again). Watch how he ties the history of his people and their belief in a Messiah to the arrival of a Messiah and the impact and change on his life.  Paul uses this reality to extend an invitation to the king and anyone listening. The reality is the good news of the gospel is the offer on the table for anyone. Jesus came so that everyone could know God as father and receive eternal life.  To follow along, click here . To email us, click here . To find us in person, click here . We have service every Sunday at 10:30AM. 

Acts 25: Piling On - November 1, 2020

 Have you ever felt like the world is broken, your life is a mess, and that things aren't going to get better? Where do you turn and what do you do when you feel such despair? In today's message, we look at Acts 25, and Paul's life seems to be on repeat: Angry mob wants him dead, they drag him in front of a different judge or ruler with bogus charges, imprison him without being able to find any guilt in him, repeat as necessary.  One could imagine that this would get real old, real quick. How does Paul keep going? Because his hope isn't in this world. His hope is in a resurrected Jesus Christ. What can we learn from that, and how can we apply that in our lives today? Does it still hold up? What's in your pile? It may not be angry mobs or illegitimate trials on the way to Rome, but maybe it's shame, or hurt, or doubt, or debt...what if Jesus was big enough, and more importantly real enough to take your pile and make you clean again? To follow along with our main