COVID Reopening Information

Here’s our plan for the re-opening of our church to on-site services:

1)   We will do our best to use the direction from the guidelines issued by the state of Minnesota.
2)   We strongly encourage people to wear masks.
3)   We are going to make use of outdoor services whenever possible, utilizing lawn chairs and our parking area. We’ll try that for at least the first two weeks and see how it goes.
4)   In the event we move inside for services, please be mindful of the space between families and try to keep to the spacing guidelines suggested by the state of Minnesota.
5)   We will have the building open on Sundays for use of the restroom, and we will clean the restrooms and lift if they are utilized during that time.
6)   We ask that anyone who feels sick or compromised to stay home until they feel healthy again.
7)   We will continue to record the services and post them online to support those who need to stay home for their safety or out of concern for those attending in-person. We will use video when possible, and audio if video isn’t possible on some Sundays.
8)   We will pay attention to our church community’s needs and health and be understanding that we may have to shift back to online services based on those needs or recommendations.

Please be patient, and understand that we’re not going to be able to do things exactly the way we were used to doing things. That’s not necessarily bad. We need to use this time to draw closer to God and be an example to our community. We can be witnesses.

Hopefully the video below can capture our heart behind this a little bit better. It's not an easy decision, and we're trusting for direction and wisdom from God as we move forward.


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