The Church's History

Swedish immigrants met together in homes for worship, forming a church on June 18, 1876. They were lead by laymen from the church and by a Preacher from either Grove City  or Lake Elizabeth.  ln 1885 they began  talking of a "meeting house,” a church site of 2 acres was given by Reuben Wright.  ln the  summer of 1895 the foundation was laid.  The church was fully completed, debt free at a cost of $542.48 The new church was called The Fahlun Baptist Church. It was located at the present site of our church cemetery.

Charter members were Mr. & Mrs. Lind Erick Olson, Mrs. Per Anderson,  Mrs.  Jonas Johnson,  Mr. and Mrs . Peter Berglund, and Olaf Trogen, shortly after, others joined the church fellowship-- Mr. & Mrs. Mats Linman, Mrs. Olaf TrggĂ©n, Brita Larson, Mrs. Aspaas, Christin Janson, and Mrs, Rislas.

Around 1915 the church needed a pastor to spend more time in the church. The Lake Elizabeth church was un-willing to give their pastor more time at the Fahlun church. The decision was made to have a full time pastor, but a parsonage was needed.  A building committee was formed, two acres of land next to the church was purchased, and E. O. Erickson was called as the first full time pastor in April of 1916. He agreed to pastor there  until a parsonage was built. He was also to solicit funds for building the parsonage. Building of the parsonage was completed. On September 17th, a Dedication feast was held to celebrate. Having completed the parsonage project, Pastor Erickson resigned the same day.

A new railroad line was being built thru the southern part of the county. A depot was to be built about 3 miles from where the church was located. The congregation thought it would be good to move the church to the new town of Kester, later to be called Blomkest.   Ole Blomquist offered the church a parcel of land and the church accepted the offer. lt was decided to move the existing building  rather than erect a new building. The church was moved in the fall of 1926. On January 1, 1927 the annual meeting was held in the church in Blomkest.  Later the church name was changed to Blomkest Baptist Church. A new parsonage was built in 1929.

There have been many opportunities service to both the local church and the community. People have served faithfully as church officers, Sunday School  teachers, VBS leaders, choir, GMG ministry, Boys Club, Christmas caroling, youth activities, women’s missionary society, and many other activities.

This community has changed drastically since the start of the church over 140 years ago, also more recently as well. The smaller towns don't have people on their streets. Many of the businesses are closed. There are still people in the towns, and people still need the Lord. 

Along with Sunday school and our Sunday service, Blomkest Baptist Church serves the community through the Legacy House and helping with Family Promise. The church has been a refuge for generations, and looks forward to serving for generations to come.


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