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Hebrews 9: Once Is Enough

This week we're covering chapter nine of Hebrews .  Hebrews 9 covers the reality that the old covenant required repeated sacrifices for sin, but did nothing to cleanse the heart and restore lasting confidence in salvation. It was only a shadow of the lasting salvation that Jesus offers. Jesus coming as the mediator and savior for his creation, restoring creation to the creator, completed his work through the cross and then the resurrection. We will be having an earlier than normal Easter service that will begin Easter Sunday at 9:00AM. You are welcome to join us for our live service, otherwise, please join us via Zoom by emailing us here and requesting the link .

Hebrews 8: The Main Point

This week we're in chapter 8 of Hebrews . The author continues to build on the dynamic of a high priest who brings salvation to people. We have exactly that high priest in Jesus. God has provided a way back to himself through himself and for us.  We're meeting in person every Sunday at 10:30am at Blomkest Baptist Church. If you're reading this, you're invited to join us and worship with us. Click here for directions to our church . If you have any questions or a prayer request, click here . 

Hebrews 7: A Better Hope

In the seventh chapter of Hebrews, the writer compares Jesus to the high priest for Abraham named Melchizedek. The writer does this so that his people can remember and understand better what Jesus has done for them and the importance of Jesus compared to even the historical importance of other high priests throughout history. Jesus is different. His grace saves where the law only points out the need for a savior.  Follow along in Hebrews 7 by clicking here. Email us a prayer request or connect with us by clicking here. Feel free to join us for our Sunday services at 10:30AM every Sunday. We're at 204 South Main Street in Blomkest. We'd love to see you.