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1 John 1: Walk In The Light

This week we finish off the first chapter of 1 John. The author continues his emphasis on fellowship with other believers and with God, but adds the metaphor of God being light. A fellowship with this light, this holiness, this perfection is accessible to us through Jesus, who takes away our sin. The light causes us to acknowledge our sin, Jesus takes our sin, and makes us righteous. If you want to follow along with the text, click here . If you want to connect with us via email, click here . Reminder: We will be having our Lake Service on Sunday, June 6th at 11:00AM at the county park on Big Kandi Lake. They are beginning construction in the area this week, but there will still be access to the park. Bring a lawn chair and join us!

1 John 1:1 - Witness

How do you describe the eternal God in the flesh, Jesus? How do you explain to people the things you've seen, heard, touched when it's so important? We see John taking up that task in the introduction to 1 John 1 in this week's message. He was a witness. He loved Jesus. He was loved by Jesus. He wrote this book from a place of joy for our joy to be found in Jesus. To follow along with this week's text, click here . To send us a prayer request, or for questions, contact us here . We have Sunday service every week at Blomkest Baptist Church at 10:30AM, if you want to join us in person, you're welcome to join us at 204 Main Street South. Otherwise, email us, and we'll include you with the Zoom link. We will be having a Lake Service on June 6th at the County Park on Big Kandi. That service will start at 11AM. You're invited! Bring a lawn chair!


As Christians we will be known by our fruit. What happens when we get bumped? What falls from us? What spills out when the world around us presses in? We take a look at Luke 6, Matthew 11 & 12, Galatians 5 and Colossians 3 in this week's message, and stress the importance of being filled with the spirit and clothed by the gifts of Jesus. There is freedom in exchanging the fruit of this world to the fruit of the Spirit and the saving love of Jesus. We are live and in-person every Sunday at 10:30AM at Blomkest Baptist Church at 204 Main St South in Blomkest, Minnesota. For more information, or to connect with us, click here .

Hebrews 13: With Us, For Us

Chapter 13 marks the conclusion of the book of Hebrews, and we are left with final reminders of what a resurrected Christ and his gift of grace empowers us to do. The cross was executed outside of the city so that we’d be welcomed into the city. That’s what we need, and that’s what he provided. His exclusion provided for our inclusion. His blood showed his love so that we could know his love. The reality of this allows us to be a part of the city to come, love our fellow believers and welcome the stranger. To follow along with us in chapter 13, click here . To send us an email for a prayer request, question or more info, click here . We have weekly services at 10:30AM every Sunday at our church in Blomkest. Our June 6th service will be at the county park on Big Kandi Lake at 11AM.

Hebrews 12: Discipline and Endurance

The author of Hebrews continues the racing and training metaphor by introducing the imagery of God as a father who disciplines his children, correcting them and growing them to be more like him. We are to grow in endurance as we grow in faith. As we grow, we will flatten the path for ourselves to walk with God and for others to join us. This is for our joy and for God's glory. Follow along with the text by clicking here . Email us for more information or prayer requests by clicking here . We have weekly services on Sunday morning at 10:30AM. We'd love to see you at 204 South Main Street in Blomkest.