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1 John 4: Real vs Rotten

In the first part of 1 John 4, we're going to look at how to trust what we hear and to understand what comes from the Spirit of God and what comes from anywhere else. Things that come from the Spirit of God will last and can be trusted, but anything else will fade away.  A trust and a belief in Jesus because of his Holy Spirit leads to eternal life. It's a power that overcomes anything this world has to offer.  Remember, one of the purposes of 1 John was to remind believers of the reality of what they believe. This is an evergreen message: Look to Jesus, know Jesus, trust Jesus, follow Jesus.  To follow along with the scripture for this week, click here . To send us a prayer request or for more information, click here . 

1 John 3:11-24: This Is How We Know

The question is a familiar one: How can we know that we're loved by God?  1 John is a broken record of evidence of God's love from a witness to the life of Jesus. The author of 1 John frequently uses the phrase This is how we know... to begin reminding his audience of the promises of God through the realities of Jesus as savior.  He's writing to believers to remind them of the realities of God's love. God can be known. To follow along with the scripture used today, click here .  To connect with us or give us a prayer request, click here . We have weekly services at 10:30am every Sunday at our church in Blomkest. You're welcome to join us. 

1 John 3:1-10: What Great Love

We are able to know that we are deeply loved by God. We are witnesses to his love through the works of Jesus Christ, and we are called to receive and give that love. That's one of the constant themes in 1 John.  To follow along with this message's scripture references, click here . To connect with us through email, click here . Feel free to join us any Sunday at our church in Blomkest. We're right on Main Street at 204 South.