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Acts 20: Pouring Out - September 27, 2020

 This week, we look at Acts 20. It was a breezy Sunday, and our last Sunday outdoors. We will be moving indoors for our services beginning October 4th. Our services will be at 10:30am every Sunday. We will be posting a version of our sermon on this site prior to Sunday morning, and including it on this site. For this week's message, we look at how Paul's life reflects the love and service of Jesus as he's leaving a church he planted and cared for. We see the work, the tears, and the cost that Paul has poured into this community of faith.  When we understand that it's Jesus working through Paul and that Paul's response is to surrender to Christ and be an imitator of Christ, we see this beautiful dynamic that's also available to us through the Holy Spirit. To follow along with the scripture this week, click here .  To email us with a prayer request or general inquiry, click here . If you want to join us at 10:30am for a Sunday service, here's where you can fin

Acts 19: Know Jesus - September 20, 2020

 This week's message was recorded in Benson. Jeremy Bulthuis preached at the church in Blomkest, and did a wonderful job.  We look at Acts 19 in this message, and there's a few things to notice:  1) There is a difference between knowing about Jesus and knowing  Jesus. 2) We need the Holy Spirit. 3) Don't let idols get in the way of the truth, beauty and love of Jesus.  Click here to follow along with the scripture from Acts 19.  Click here to email us for a prayer request or for any questions.

Acts 18: Everyday Discipleship - September 13, 2020

 We're continuing our look into the book of Acts at Blomkest Baptist. Last week, we had Doug Green guest speak, and he spoke out of Romans. The message wasn't recorded, but we're back this week.  If you want to follow along, here's the text for Acts 18 .  If you have a prayer request or want to connect with us, email us by clicking here . 

Acts 17: A Known God - August 30, 2020

 This week, we take a look at Acts 17, where Paul makes stops in Thessalonica, Berea and Athens. We see Paul reason with people at each stop, utilizing scripture to show Jesus was who he claimed he was.  When Paul stopped in Athens, he entered into a very religious culture. They even had an altar to an unknown god, which Paul seizes as an opportunity to differentiate a living God from the idols in their city. This is a God who can be known, and we can be his sons and daughters through the grace of Jesus. To follow along with the text, click here . To send us an email or a prayer request, click here .