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Acts 12: Prayer Can Free Us - July 26, 2020

We had to go inside because of the rain this Sunday -- with masks and distanced -- to discuss Acts 12. In Acts 12, we see a few things: The church needs to pray. God provides despite our circumstances. We need to allow God to work through us. Also, note the consequences of Herod's arrogance and the freedom that is given to Peter. God can do the miraculous and he frees us eternally through his son Jesus.  For the text we're reading this week, click here . If you want to get a hold of us, click here and send us an email . Here's a link to our VBS page.

Acts 11: The Creator Loves His Creation - July 19, 2020

As we continue through our study of Acts, we see a lot of repetition in Acts 11 that carried over from Acts 10. Peter handles all of the objections from the people who think that only people from the Jewish background can know God. The vision Peter had in Acts 10 shows that God loves the whole world, declaring it clean and loved. God shows his love through the work of Jesus Christ. He shares his love by the prompting of the Holy Spirit. We are called to make the path of the Lord straight and not to hinder anyone from knowing him. Let us walk in joyful obedience of knowing him and sharing his love. If you have any questions or want to get a hold of us, connect with us here . To follow along with us in Acts chapter 11, click here, and listen to the video at the same time.

Acts 10: Cleansed and Loved - July 12, 2020

This week we take a look at Acts 10. The focus of this chapter is the repetition of visions had by Cornelius and Peter. Cornelius was a Gentile who had faith in God, and Peter had a vision that showed him that God loved beyond his own people group. This is huge for a number of reasons, but we focused on the reality that God loves all people and desires them to know him through Jesus. The other reason we focused on this was that it really set into motion the expansion of the early church. It's about to really start expanding. We believe that anyone who follows Christ has been given the tools to love their neighbor and share the love and story of Christ. The first 8:30 of this video is prayer and announcements, the sermon starts around the 8:30 mark. We've been meeting outdoors every week at our church. If you want to know more about our church, connect with us by emailing here .

Acts 9: Transformed and Set Free - July 5, 2020

As we continue into our series in the book of Acts, we come to an unexpected transformation of a man named Saul. When we first met Saul, he was overseeing the murder of Stephen. At the beginning of chapter nine , he's breathing murderous threats and rounding up followers of Jesus (with the approval of the high priests). Surely, he was an enemy of the early church. But then God changes his trajectory. He transforms Saul. When God is speaking to Ananias about this change, watch how deep that change digs in: But the Lord said to Ananias,  “Go! This man is my chosen instrument  to proclaim my name to the Gentiles  and their kings  and to the people of Israel.   I will show him how much he must suffer for my name. ” - Acts 9:15-16 Saul has been chosen by God to be used by God because he's loved by God. He will share in the sufferings of Jesus as he preaches Jesus. God will not abandon Saul. He is Saul's God, and Saul is one of God's people. He's been changed. God wi