Acts 7: Mirror Image - June 21, 2020

This week, Pastor Jeff was preaching in Benson at First Baptist Church, and Jason Haug was filling the pulpit in Blomkest. Both were preaching out of Acts chapter seven. We're going to upload the video of Jeff's message in Benson, as well as the audio from Jason's message (coming soon).

Blomkest has been meeting outside when possible this summer, due to COVID19 concerns. We appreciate everyone's patience and involvement during this time. 

Acts 7 focuses on Stephen's response to the allegations manufactured towards him in Acts 6. Stephen uses his words to point out the history of God's people and how the religious leadership keep missing the message (and messengers) that God is sending them. 

To follow along in Acts 7, click here.

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Things we can focus on in this chapter:
  1. Our tendency to wander
  2. God's patience, grace and provision of a savior
  3. How Stephen's life mirrors the life of Christ (ours can, too!)

If you want to join us on a Sunday, bring a lawn chair or a blanket out to 204 South Main Street in Blomkest and join us for our 10:30AM service.


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