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Sabbath Rest (Stand Alone Message from June 20, 2021)

On Father's Day, we took a break from 1 John and had Ben Johnson share about Sabbath Rest at Blomkest Baptist. We hope you enjoy this message. God bless. Looking for more information or have a prayer request? Click here and connect with us via email. Our church services are every Sunday at 10:30AM at Blomkest Baptist Church.

Galatians - Promises to Children (Stand Alone Message)

This week, Blomkest Baptist had a guest speaker, so this message is from Pastor Jeff filling pulpit at First Baptist in Benson. It's a quick look at an element of Galatians where Paul reminds his audience that God keeps his promises through the works of Christ alone, and nothing else should be added or subtracted from that reality. If you want to follow along with the text, click here . If you have a prayer request or want to know more about our church, click here .

1 John 2:12-29 - Dear Children, Part 2

This week, we finish off the second chapter of 1 John by continuing to talk about the reality that believers are called dear children. John also differentiates the world from the ways of God, as well as warning not to add or subtract anything to or from the work of Jesus. To follow along with the text, click here . To connect with us over email, click here . You are welcome to join us any Sunday at 10:30AM at 204 South Main Street in Blomkest. God bless you!

1 John 2:1-11 - Dear Children, Part 1

We had a windy and warm day for our lake service as we started 1 John 2 this week. We thank Otoniel Rodriguez for coming to the park and helping us with musical worship, and all of the campground who joined us for Sunday's worship service. As we look at the scripture this week, we see this metaphor of God being light expanded, and the invitation extended to follow Jesus, allowing him to be our advocate to the Father. When we do this, it allows the truth to shine on areas of our li ves that keep us from a closeness to God, from community with one another, and ultimately from joy...and it allows God to work in those areas and reconcile us into a right relationship with him and those around us. John is emphasizing the need for the believer to walk in the light of God, even when it exposes our sin. We love better when we don't have things to hide, and we can walk in a fuller joy with God when we are honest with ourselves. To follow along with the main text of scripture this week,