Third Week of Advent: Blessed - December 13, 2020

We're already into the third week of Advent for the year, and this week we're talking about being blessed. In the book of Ephesians, and Paul is writing to the Ephesian church to remind them how blessed they are: That those who trust in Jesus share in every spiritual blessing that's been given to him, through him. 

Our greatest blessing is that we are restored into right relationship with God as our Father so that we can glorify him with praise. 

We're meeting online through the rest of this year, and we know that's not ideal, but it's just for a season. If you want to join in our Zoom church services every Sunday at 10:30AM, email us here, and let us know! We email out the link every Saturday night, and a reminder email is sent out Sunday morning. 

To follow along with our text for today, click here

Be safe, and be blessed. 


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