Second Week of Advent: The Light and the Life - December 6, 2020

This week we look from three different viewpoints towards Jesus and how he fulfills the promises of God throughout the generations, ultimately showing us how we can trust in his promises for us, as well. The Mom: Luke 1:46-55: Commonly known as Mary’s song. See how Mary recognizes how great God is, the reality of her lowly estate, and the joy in seeing God working through her. She ties her situation into the promises made to her nations ancestors. The Friend: John 1:1-5: We see one of Jesus’ contemporaries connecting Jesus to creation and recognizing him as God. John also connects Jesus as being the source of life and light. The Pastor: Hebrews 1:1-4: The author of Hebrews also ties Jesus into the prophets, as well as recognizing the finished work that he came to accomplish. He also tells his readers that Jesus is the exact representation God’s being. If you want to email us, click here.


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