Praise - December 27, 2020

After Christmas, there’s often this exhale in the church. We made it. Another year is nearly wrapped up. All of the excitement and expectation has reached a payoff – whether it’s celebrating and remembering the birth of Jesus, or gathering with family, or giving and receiving gifts – there’s a certain sense of completion most years.

This year has been different for a lot of us. We weren’t able to gather with our usual crowds of family and friends. Illness and employment and political drama may have caused us or loved ones anxiety. We can identify with the song O Holy Night when it calls the world “weary.”

But, the weary world can rejoice. We have a savior. Help not only is on the way, but is here, and that’s what we celebrate this Christmas. Join us in reading Psalm 146 & 147 as we do what the psalmist says: Praise.

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