Acts 25: Piling On - November 1, 2020

 Have you ever felt like the world is broken, your life is a mess, and that things aren't going to get better? Where do you turn and what do you do when you feel such despair?

In today's message, we look at Acts 25, and Paul's life seems to be on repeat: Angry mob wants him dead, they drag him in front of a different judge or ruler with bogus charges, imprison him without being able to find any guilt in him, repeat as necessary. 

One could imagine that this would get real old, real quick. How does Paul keep going? Because his hope isn't in this world. His hope is in a resurrected Jesus Christ. What can we learn from that, and how can we apply that in our lives today? Does it still hold up?

What's in your pile? It may not be angry mobs or illegitimate trials on the way to Rome, but maybe it's shame, or hurt, or doubt, or debt...what if Jesus was big enough, and more importantly real enough to take your pile and make you clean again?

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