Acts 20: Pouring Out - September 27, 2020

 This week, we look at Acts 20. It was a breezy Sunday, and our last Sunday outdoors. We will be moving indoors for our services beginning October 4th. Our services will be at 10:30am every Sunday. We will be posting a version of our sermon on this site prior to Sunday morning, and including it on this site.

For this week's message, we look at how Paul's life reflects the love and service of Jesus as he's leaving a church he planted and cared for. We see the work, the tears, and the cost that Paul has poured into this community of faith. 

When we understand that it's Jesus working through Paul and that Paul's response is to surrender to Christ and be an imitator of Christ, we see this beautiful dynamic that's also available to us through the Holy Spirit.

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