Acts 1: Looking at the Church - May 3, 2020

Well, we did it. We finally finished the book of Luke last week. After around two years, and around eighty sermons, we're on to our next author...Luke. We are going to start a series on the book of Acts this week. Acts was written by Luke, as well.

Why did we choose to look at Acts? First, there's continuity. The beginning of Acts literally picks up where the book of Luke left off, and as we mentioned, it's by the same author. Next, we wanted to look at the early church. What did they focus on? What did they teach? What did they struggle with? What did they apply in their life of worship and following Jesus, and how can we apply that today?

So as we start this chapter, let's consider three things to start with:
1) Jesus’ followers believed in Jesus.
2) They were supposed to operate under the power of the Holy Spirit.
3) There was intentionality and prayer involved with their ministry.

Thanks for joining us this week. We're glad you're here.

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Worship Medley The Worship Medley: Reckless Love, O Come to the Altar, Great Are You Lord
by Tauren Wells

Healer, by Hillsong

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