The Road to Emmaus - April 19, 2020


It was a beautiful day when we were able to record, so we worked around most of the sounds of chainsaws and neighborhood life, and recorded from the church.

What's really incredible about this passage in Luke (Luke 24:13-35) is that the two people that Jesus was spending time with knew everything that Jesus spoke of prior to that weekend, could recite it to him in that moment, but didn't recognize him in that moment or the totality of what Jesus just accomplished over the previous days.

What happens after they have their eyes opened to Jesus is remarkable. They have to share the good news with someone, starting with their closest friends.

Let this be a lesson for us: Don't just memorize the facts of Jesus. Know Jesus and the way of Jesus. Then let your hearts overflow with joy so that you have to share it with someone.

We've had a few questions about if any of the videos after the posted videos are also recommended viewing. Only the first video is what we intend to share. Anything else is a suggestion by Youtube based on algorithms. Typically, we will post the sermon video and then a few songs to accompany the message. We can't control any ads, but we're doing our best to make sure we can minister to you during this time. Thank you.

Because He Lives by Crowder

Way Maker by Leeland

In Christ Alone by Shane & Shane

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