Jesus Our Eternal Hope - March 29, 2020

We find ourselves in a time where we can't gather together at our physical church site, and we have to find other ways to study God's word, communicate and gather together. We're a small church that's trying our best to do just that. Thank you for joining us online. This is the sermon from March 29, 2020.

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Here's our video sermon this week:

In the sermon, we mention the destruction of the temple, below is a video that will give an idea of why the people listening to Jesus would have been shocked at the claim that Jesus made as he spoke about future events.

In these times, we might need a little reminder that God knows what we need. We've been on a little bit of a Jon Foreman kick lately, and felt that this song fits our current circumstances.

If you're interested in the manuscript for this message, or just wish to contact us at the church, click here to send us an email.


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